The Carnival music monster machine is an evil Troll that controls by contests. Unfortunately complicit is the ‘culture’ of the masses born into this state of psuedo soca slavery. It despises independent artist and violently resist change, especially if entertainers have the audacity to strive for a truly professional career without the manipulations of competitions and its side effects of greed, envy, jealousy, back biting, politics and pettiness within and beyond the brother(sister) hood.

Especially if it involves international exposure and the possibility of artists escaping its cruel clutch, and exploring new arenas of performance and fair play and pay. Unless it involves their crowned kings. And even then they remain subservient to the hidden hands of hollow men. Tricksters trying to clutch the wind. The greatest trick they have ever performed though is making the mass of us believe in tha monroe doctrine that their door is the only portal to success and recognition.

I caution my brothers and sisters to be very careful when you decide to leave the reservation. They use the 12 month in between seasons to plot your demise and to secure your re-capture.